Coromandel Town

Coromandel Township has a special character with restored heritage architecture from the pioneering days of timber and gold. There are modern shops and the locals are known to be very friendly with a relaxed, laid back attitude and life style.

The town attracts artists, potters, woodworkers and all sorts of craftspeople from around the country and the world, inspired by the tranquil atmosphere and the spectacular natural surroundings. You can see them busy in their workshops or view their work at the craft shops that can be found all around town.

Next to the arts and crafts, Coromandel Town is also a sun-soaked water sports paradise. There are some great opportunities for you to swim with dolphins, go sea kayaking, snorkelling and sailing.

North of Coromandel, you’ll find the tiny town of Colville. Once New Zealand’s capital of the 70’s hippy culture, the General Store, Café and diminutive Post Office are places to stop and have a look around. The Colville General Store is the last place to get provisions, petrol and bait if you head up further north.

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